Using the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme for my blog

I bugged Takashi so much about the yellow color scheme it’d be pretty embarrassing if I didn’t use it here. I think it’s pretty sharp. And it makes me want to blog more! That’s a good theme design.

6 responses to “Using the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme for my blog”

  1. It’s beautiful.

  2. Super smooth.
    (Posting from an emulated Google Nexus 5 in Chrome dev tools, diggin’ the typo.)

  3. Strikingly nice! Can’t wait!

  4. It makes me want to read your blog via Reader instead of seeing the yellow. 🙂

    1. You’re not allowed to comment again until you switch from Twenty Eleven.

  5. […] It’s not officially out yet, but it will be the new default theme for WordPress. A few of my colleagues and friends are trying it too. I’m  really excited about it because it’s beautiful, […]

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