Cat Thing

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  1. Kinda looks Dr. Seuss-esque.

  2. Or add some purple, and you’ll have yourself a fine Cheshire Cat. 🙂

  3. More of these, please.

  4. This is a dumb place to leave the comment I’m going to leave. However, since I cannot find a more suitable place to leave it, this is what you get. You have some great stuff on here. However, I found your theme so frustrating to navigate that I almost didn’t follow you, especially since you seem to be a professional or something. It’s slow to scroll through. More importantly, where is the About page? Where are the Archives and navigational keys? Maybe this is supposed to be hip or maybe I’m just totally blind, but not having a way to quickly see what is here is pretty frustrating as a viewer. Other than that, loved the walrus shirt and look forward to seeing more about your new toy!

  5. Nice. Yeah, he is a professional. At making blog themes too 🙂

    Maybe you can give him some specific tips on what he could do to make the theme better and then all its users benefit.

  6. Maybe you can tell him what device and browser you are viewing his blog on, and what page were you referring to.

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