When to shower when you work at home

The right answer isn’t the morning, right? If you have the freedom to shower at anytime and showering is the classic case where lateral thinking — or magical problem solving — happens you should shower when you have a problem to solve. Of course, there’s a point at which not showering becomes embarrassing. My wife might argue that we’re already there when I’m not showering first thing in the morning but I’ll give a cutoff time of after lunch. So the answer is threefold: when you have a problem to solve but no later than immediately after lunch unless you have a spouse in which case the first two criteria are overruled by whatever she tells you.

10 responses to “When to shower when you work at home”

  1. Be careful: If you and your spouse both work from home on a self-managed schedule, you run the risk of creating an infinite shower (or non-shower) loop.

    1. It’s probably best not to visit unannounced.

  2. Wait a second…you actually shower every day?!


  3. I see what you did there… “lunch”. Well played.

  4. You just shower after … brunch … . Right?

  5. But what about extreme workload times… does the ‘only upon failure of self sniff test’ rule come into play?

  6. Lol! Good one. I just finished coding, still in bed with the laptop, and about to head for the shower. 11:40am. Not too bad. 😉


  7. Hm, I thought ‘daily’ was ment metaforically

  8. If you have a conference call that involves video I recommend showering before that call 🙂

  9. Why not after 3rd breakfasts?

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