Raise your work communication IQ with a blog

It’s been a while since I’ve done this but lately I’ve been communicating back and forth in a big email thread. You know the type. Multiple carbon copies to different people, varying subjects, very hard to search, very hard to keep your place. I don’t know how people do business this way.

At Automattic we use blogs to communicate. Check out the P2 theme (soon to get an upgrade with the launch of o2) to get an idea of how it works. Google seems to make us smarter with super-fast search and I feel like the WordPress-powered communication system we use does as well. I can communicate asynchronously with a team of developers and designers across the globe at any time in easy to read threaded conversations that are all taggable and easy to search. Anyone can join in at any time and read the whole history of a conversation. It’s no harder than email — except when you actually need to find something at which point it’s one hundred times easier. I’d forgotten about just how easy it is until I tried to find something in this email thread today.

Are you getting involved in the same email bog at your organization. Think about communicating like we do. It could make your company smarter.

(Scott Berkun wrote a book about the crazy things we do at Automattic. It’s worth reading if you’re interested in learning more.)

2 responses to “Raise your work communication IQ with a blog”

  1. sounds like a great idea. Long email threads suck

  2. I’ve opened an internal “knowledge base” blog in my company but you have to educate your guests.

    Also as a logged-in user the theme has way too much white space below the “status” field and that hides the actual content. Since it’s an internal resource I can provide a screenshot only tomorrow.

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