I’m Giving Biphasic Sleep A Go

After almost two years of working at home it’s about time I start messing with my sleep schedule. Today was my first day at trying out biphasic sleeping. Basically, sleeping 6 hours at night at taking a power nap in the afternoon. It’s the simplest type of polyphasic sleeping. It’s not uncommon that I only get a 6 hour night of sleep in anyway. I’m just being deliberate about it now and throwing in a much needed nap every day. Naps are good! And now I get an extra hour and half of awake time every day (6.5 instead of 8). That’s 547.5 hours every year or almost 23 extra days. 23 extra days of wakefulness every year. That sounds good to me.

Check out Sleep (or how to hack your brain) for a good introduction on polyphasic sleeping.

6 thoughts on “I’m Giving Biphasic Sleep A Go

      1. Cool, It’s always a problem remembering who you’ve talked to about what.

        Interseting note: I logged into the comments doohicky using Twitter account and clicked the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” button, not thinking. Of course, you don’t have my email address if I’m commenting with Twitter, so I didn’t get this. You might want to hide the option in this case, or maybe send Twitter @replies from a bot or something.

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