My Polyphasic Sleep Schedule

It seems somewhat crazy but here’s the polyphasic sleep (and work) schedule I’m going to try and adopt.


That’s 4.5-5 hours of sleep at night, a 20 minute nap before lunch, and a 20 minute nap before dinner, with room for 8-10 hours of work (depending on my mood and busy-ness), and lots of family time. And lots of room for flexibility. Hopefully it works out.

I think the somewhat less crazy biphasic sleep schedule I’ve been keeping (6 hours of sleep at night plus an afternoon nap) has prepared me well for this. Plus, thanks to my team meetup in NYC this schedule looks relatively luxurious.

Blog of My Dreams

Now that I’m taking afternoon naps regularly I thought it’d be a neat idea to leave my journal out next to my iPhone (what I’m using for an alarm clock) to record any dreams I have while I’m napping. I’m somewhat curious about what’s going on in my unconscious mind and leaving a journal by your bedside is apparently a good method for improving dream recall. I’m also trying to make sure I’m getting some REM sleep cycles in during my naps so I know I’m getting some decent rest time. So, what am I dreaming about? After leaving out the journal for little over a week I’ve recalled fleeting impressions of a dream twice. Both times I was blogging. At work. Using the P2 theme. I really am thinking about WordPress themes all the time. 🙂

I’m Giving Biphasic Sleep A Go

After almost two years of working at home it’s about time I start messing with my sleep schedule. Today was my first day at trying out biphasic sleeping. Basically, sleeping 6 hours at night at taking a power nap in the afternoon. It’s the simplest type of polyphasic sleeping. It’s not uncommon that I only get a 6 hour night of sleep in anyway. I’m just being deliberate about it now and throwing in a much needed nap every day. Naps are good! And now I get an extra hour and half of awake time every day (6.5 instead of 8). That’s 547.5 hours every year or almost 23 extra days. 23 extra days of wakefulness every year. That sounds good to me.

Check out Sleep (or how to hack your brain) for a good introduction on polyphasic sleeping.