Weird Russian Children's Books

I’m confusedly horrified and amused by this series of weird Russian Children’s Books with logic that makes the Grimm brothers look like Kant. Here’s two examples:

Boy Meets Wolf | Scary Russian Children’s Book

If you decide not to clean your teeth
then prepare to meet a wild beast!

Melting From Tears | Scary Russian Children’s Book

If you cry each time you eager
Prepare to melt from the tears like piece of sugar

5 responses to “Weird Russian Children's Books”

  1. hey congrats for making the top 20 something’s list 😉

  2. I’ve seen some German fables like that, which actually came from the late 1800s. Someone sucked their thumb, which was then cut off by an evil scissor-man. Someone else played with matches and set herself on fire and died. And so forth. I think the book was called “Struwel-Peter.”

  3. Thanks, Pearl! You mean Blogging to Fame (I’m guaranteed a 1 in 500 shot at 25,000 right now), right? If so, congratulations yourself.

    The fabulous German ideal cracks me up, Elliot. It makes me suspect that German efficiency is fueled by a fear of the bogeyman.

  4. I only went on that site in order to vote for you and whatever and I got wrangled into registering and doing stuff, and I had to nominate my blog (which is silly, I wanted to nominate others!) and I was so confused. And this strange guy commented on my page 1 second after I registered to peddle his software site.

    But anyway I famed you!

  5. I know. It has some major usability issues. I appreciate your herculean efforts (no joke). Thanks for the vote. You know, I’m going to fame your blog now, right? Prepare for embarrassing fame reciprocation!

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