Weird Russian Children's Books

I’m confusedly horrified and amused by this series of weird Russian Children’s Books with logic that makes the Grimm brothers look like Kant. Here’s two examples:

Boy Meets Wolf | Scary Russian Children’s Book

If you decide not to clean your teeth
then prepare to meet a wild beast!

Melting From Tears | Scary Russian Children’s Book

If you cry each time you eager
Prepare to melt from the tears like piece of sugar

5 responses to “Weird Russian Children's Books”

  1. I’ve seen some German fables like that, which actually came from the late 1800s. Someone sucked their thumb, which was then cut off by an evil scissor-man. Someone else played with matches and set herself on fire and died. And so forth. I think the book was called “Struwel-Peter.”

  2. Thanks, Pearl! You mean Blogging to Fame (I’m guaranteed a 1 in 500 shot at 25,000 right now), right? If so, congratulations yourself.

    The fabulous German ideal cracks me up, Elliot. It makes me suspect that German efficiency is fueled by a fear of the bogeyman.

  3. I only went on that site in order to vote for you and whatever and I got wrangled into registering and doing stuff, and I had to nominate my blog (which is silly, I wanted to nominate others!) and I was so confused. And this strange guy commented on my page 1 second after I registered to peddle his software site.

    But anyway I famed you!

  4. I know. It has some major usability issues. I appreciate your herculean efforts (no joke). Thanks for the vote. You know, I’m going to fame your blog now, right? Prepare for embarrassing fame reciprocation!

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