Honestly, What Do You Think?

How’s everyone feeling today? I thought I’d take a moment to gauge your feelings on Upper Fort Stewart. This little project is really made for two groups, me and you. And I’m the least important of the two. You read this site. You make comments here. I want to know what you think. Why? So I can make it better. I’m funny that way. Here’s a few areas of concern to get you thinking.


  • Are the posts too long? Too short?
  • Would you like to see more actual book reviews?
  • Would you like me to write more? Maybe stick to my posting schedule one week out of 52?
  • Would you, like me to use, less commas,?


  • How’s the sidebar doodad to content ratio? Too high? Too low?
  • Does anyone miss my list of recommended Amazon products?
  • Does anyone miss my list of interesting recent articles from around the web?
  • Does anyone miss quaint words like Doodads, Gee, and Golly? I do.


  • Anyone have any trouble viewing this site in their browser?
  • Anything weird looking? Horizontal scrolling? Subliminal messages inciting violence towards The Incredible Journey? Missing text?
  • Every thing’s easy to read here, right? If it’s not, let me know.

I think that’s it. Any general comments would be appreciated. Anytime. I’ll listen to them all and consider each one. Leave them here in the comment section or send me an email if you’re shy. I’ll try not to make another post like this for at least six months, thanks for bearing through this one.

17 responses to “Honestly, What Do You Think?”

  1. I read your blog via Google Reader, so posting frequency isn’t something I pay attention to. I’m always happy to see a post from you, but wouldn’t necessarily notice if you didn’t post, the way someone who visits your page would. I don’t get the agony of click disappointment πŸ™‚

    I’d be curious to know if you have any luck with Amazon Affiliate links–if you don’t mind sharing, either here or over email.

  2. i read via reader but often open your page in firefox b/c i enjoy the design so much

  3. I just like what you do so keep doing it.

  4. I think you’re neurotically obsessed with site design and pleasing everyone!! Just post what you want to post and quit trying to curry our favour! ;-P

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    No trouble with revealing info on affiliate links here, Annie. I’ve had no luck with them. I usually throw them in (and try and label them as Amazon links) whenever I mention a specific book. I have Amazon set to pay me in book credits because I think it would be neat if someone bought me a book by buying a book for themselves. Who knows, maybe one day.

    Glad you like the site design, Rabsteen. I’ve been looking at it like a bad haircut lately.

    Consider it done, Imani.

    Good advice, Elliot. Less curry more rice. Heard.

  6. I enjoy your content. Like an earlier comment, I read your feed so don’t really notice how often you post and don’t see your design unless I come over to comment.

  7. Are you kidding? I wish my design was as clean as yours.

    What recommended Amazon product list? (I guess it’s been a while since I was here in person–I use Bloglines too.)

    I’m not a fan of the disembodied “related posts” feature. If they are truly relevant, link them into the post text at the appropriate point so we at least have an idea of how they relate and can decide whether or not it’s worth looking. Otherwise there’s no way of telling exactly what they relate to and there’s not much incentive to click on them.

  8. Writing – Your posts are fine, no matter what length they are. Book reviews: up to you. A lot of the litblogs I read have a majority of posts that are strictly book reviews – it can get tiring after awhile. Once a week is a bit too little for me. πŸ˜‰ And your comma is fine – at least you’re not using so many semicolons.

    Doodads – Never did see your list of Amazon products, but I would definitely like to see the interesting article list. I don’t miss the old words, but then again, I don’t speak Old Englishe either.

    Design – probably the best thing about your blog – second to content, of course – but that’s just me.

  9. Hmm, cleanest thing I have seen around the big wide web in a while.
    i, like, like commas.
    I would probably read your Amazon lists quite happily, since I can never remember what
    i am looking for.
    The blog looks fab-o in Firefox, although a few things get jumbled up at the edge, but maybe I need to resixe.
    In short, no complaints at all.

  10. Thanks!

    Welcome to Upper Fort Stewart, Lillee. It’s good to know you and others are reading using a feed reader. It’s my preferred way of reading anything on the web.

    Hey, I’m not kidding, Sylvia. And I still really like the Classical Bookworm layout. It makes you look like an authority. You’ve got me thinking about the related posts in a new light. I never thought of it as a cheat. I’ll be looking at it. I may wind up just adding “Somewhat” to the title in a lame sort of compromise but I’ll look at it.

    This is what I was doing with Amazon links, RG and Sylvia: I had a sidebar item with recommended books that were all Amazon affiliate links and a little intro to them that called them out as such. That’s it. I don’t think I’ll add it back in. No one notices those things.

    Welcome to Upper Fort Stewart, Janice. One of these days I’m going to write about how I never forget the books I’m looking for so stick around.

  11. Ian, wow I have been spending too much time reading your posts in my email box! Your new site layout is nice; the columns are distributed in an oddly even fashion. As for all your questions about yours posts being to long or short, less commas, etc. you are fine Ian. After all; you are Upper Fort Stewart. However; based on your increasing excerpts and certain sentences at times, I can not help but think that there is another Writer inside yourself trying to get out! So why not dive in and test the waters Ian, let this character breath and develop! If you are uncomfortable developing this side of you here at Upper Fort Stewart, as you have become relatively attached to the format and content, which is understandable since you’ve worked so diligently on this blog theme; then perhaps an UFS II! Just please let this character out, will you! Also as all blog writers should note or can attest to; noteworthiness can not be measured via comments, etc. – such seems the pains we bear for all our relentless efforts; rather to be merely contented in knowing we posted the best of ones abilities – seems to be the ultimate, monumental gain. As the internet is a kaleidoscope of endless text, and often the best of Writers appear simply as a speck.

  12. A speck in the kaleidoscope… That would be a great blog title!

  13. Thanks, ND! But I don’t know what character you’re referring to β€” I β€” hurk! β€” gahhh! β€”

    Ahem, Hi ND. Don’t worry you’ll be hearing posts from both Ians. In fact that falsely modest other Ian won’t be doing anything for a while. Excuse me while I get some ice.

    β€” Is he gone? I find it best to just play dead when my alter-ego gets like that. There won’t be a need for a UFS2, ND β€” thanks for the interest β€” I’ll just make it all work right here. πŸ™‚

    And somebody start a blog called “A speck in the kaleidoscope”. And register alternate spellings of the domain while you’re at it.

  14. I know it’s boring, but I like your blog just like it is.

  15. What? You think my blog is boring? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, John.

  16. OMG! Ian has a sense of humor! Someone please slap his funny bone again! (the line is getting long!) BTW: whom ever starts: “a blog called β€œA speck in the kaleidoscope”. And register alternate spellings of the domain while you’re at it.” how about give Sylvia at http://arb0rv1tae.typepad.com/ and myself some credit! Hey, we are just specks too in this kaleidoscope blogosphere and just want a little credit and notice! Thanks!

  17. I would expect nothing less than a split personality from a blogger whose emblem is an upside-down castle…

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