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Here’s what Google tells me are the stupidest books ever written in order of stupidity. Stupidity being determined by Google’s page-ranking algorithms. They’re presented mostly without comment but I think these reviews mostly speak for themselves.

Battlefield Earth

“the first half was good. But then, at the halfway point, the main bad guy (Terl) gets killed off. The last half of the book details the efforts of Earth’s survivors to wrestle control of the planet from…shark bankers. Lame. Every page was a tough decision to persevere or give up. Unfortunately, I continued. ”
John at SFsignal

The Bible

the bible is the stupidest book ever written. It is some gay ass interpretation of the teachings of god. I hope the crazy bastard who wrote it died while his dong turned black and fell off. ”
prozak_jack at

Romeo and Juliet

“oh my gosh this was the stupidest book ever!!!!! first of all u do not fall in love with some1 and get married in less than 1 day it was not love it was lust and the only reason this book was so popular was cuz of the ending but if in like half the book all they talk bout was killing themselves how was the ending such a surprise i have to read this 4 class and every time i talk bout this book all i do is bash it cuz it is STUPID and not a love story it deserves 0 stars”
Sofia at Barnes & Noble

Anne Frank and Watership Down

“I’ve got to say either The Diary of Anne Frank or Watership Down. Absolutely ridiculous.”
Organized Crime at

Moby Dick

“Whales- Mammal or Fish? Moby Dick is the stupidest book ever written.”
SuperBruinMan at Bruins Nation

Well, that was interesting.

Battlefield Earth? Obvious. But the rest? Thank you, internet, for just being you.

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