Your Granny Won't Like This Chair

The Groovy Banana a Cool Bookcase Rocking Chair Combo

At one point in our life my wife and I were going to be loft-people. You know, that strange urban creature that lives upstairs in old, useless warehouses retro-fitted to provide living space for the frugally challenged. Ultra-hip, rocking-chair/bookcase combo, The Groovy Banana might have been the rocking chair for me, then. Now? I appreciate it’s peculiar qualities but it’s limp peel, the segmented cushion hanging over it’s edges, creeps me right out.

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2 responses to “Your Granny Won't Like This Chair”

  1. Yeah, the peel’s weird. It’s like the chair’s… foreskin.

  2. Elliot, you deserve a special award for being the first person to use the word “foreskin” on Upper Fort Stewart. I look forward to seeing it in bizarre combinations in the Google search terms list.

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