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Previously: Help Me Act My Age and The Fiction Zeitgeist.

I have a book! It looks like I’ll be reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, the book suggested by Ted of Myrtias fame. Check out his blog, won’t you? It’s just a touch past excellent.

I’d never heard of Jeffrey Eugenides before and I’m going to intentionally avoid learning too much about him before I read this book. You can join in and not learn anything about him as well, if you like. Apparently, he’s also the author of The Virgin Suicides. I believe that novel was adapted into a film for, or by, Sofia Coppola for her directing debut. I’ve never seen it but I have heard the soundtrack composed by French electronic group, Air. That’s my only connection with Eugenides – if my path is correct – I like French electronic music.

Middlesex appears to be the story of the twentieth century told through the life events of a presumably weird and eccentric Greek family, narrated by Cal the Hermaphrodite, born twice, first as a girl in 1960 and then again as a teenage boy. I suspect Middlesex will be very weird in the profoundest of ways. I’m fairly excited to finally find one of the books you’ve recommended. Recommendations are great aren’t they?

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  1. Aw, shucks.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Middlesex — I’ve yet to meet the person who’s read it and doesn’t love it. Press on!

    The Air connection is right on. The soundtrack to The Virgin Suicides is killer, but the movie is simply awesome. I love Sofia Coppola.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of the book.

  2. I forgot to mention I paid only $4.50 Canadian for the Hardcover. I’m the cheapest reader ever.

  3. hey! i love french electronica too…oh and books.

    love the blog, tell me: is it free to subscribe?

  4. Thanks, Rabsteen. You’re darn right it’s free. Free as in air (the stuff we breathe, not the band).

    Check out the top right corner of the sidebar for links to the subscription feeds. You’ve got a feed for your ‘reader’ (you’ll need to check out Google reader or download one from somewhere) or click on the email link and you’re set.

    And welcome to Upper Fort Stewart.

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