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I have a book! It looks like I’ll be reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, the book suggested by Ted of Myrtias fame. Check out his blog, won’t you? It’s just a touch past excellent.

I’d never heard of Jeffrey Eugenides before and I’m going to intentionally avoid learning too much about him before I read this book. You can join in and not learn anything about him as well, if you like. Apparently, he’s also the author of The Virgin Suicides. I believe that novel was adapted into a film for, or by, Sofia Coppola for her directing debut. I’ve never seen it but I have heard the soundtrack composed by French electronic group, Air. That’s my only connection with Eugenides – if my path is correct – I like French electronic music.

Middlesex appears to be the story of the twentieth century told through the life events of a presumably weird and eccentric Greek family, narrated by Cal the Hermaphrodite, born twice, first as a girl in 1960 and then again as a teenage boy. I suspect Middlesex will be very weird in the profoundest of ways. I’m fairly excited to finally find one of the books you’ve recommended. Recommendations are great aren’t they?

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