Pulp-Fiction Sidekick

The biggest story today in the world of somewhat amusing books and bookish things is not Harry Potter and Star Wars but my turn as a pulp-fiction sidekick to Doc Elliot.

…Doc Elliot sprang back onto solid ground and quickly sent Peril’s men to join their boss.

He was brushing the dust off his hands when Ian trudged up the steep trail, looking crestfallen and carrying a greasy paper bag.

“Why so glum, chum?” inquired the Doc.

“Well, I went to pick up some drinks like you asked, but they gave me these dumplings instead,” muttered the sheepish sidekick.

“Ian, did you get mi-mosas and sa-mosas confused again?”

Ian slapped his forehead as a look of chagrin spread itself across his features.

It’s not readily apparent in the quoted text but I’m more of a karate-choppin’, Bruce Lee as Kato sidekick. My wicked fighting skills and strategic battle intelligence are totally redeemed in the later chapters.

Read Doc Elliot and the Credenza of Doom

2 responses to “Pulp-Fiction Sidekick”

  1. They totally are redeemed. Plus you marry a princess of some sort.

  2. Oh, so it’s a prequel to my current adventures then. 🙂

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