Best of March

The five most popular posts from March, according to you, my loyal readers. This month my funny drawings, a poor analogy that gave me a chance to talk about rock and roll, and my credulity take the top spots. Thanks again for all your support.

Cartoons, Super-Fantasy, and Theology

I suppose everyone thought I was I dead or something. Or maybe it was the friendly backlinks from Claw of the Conciliator. Maybe no one could figure out how that was Adam in the drawing and they kept coming back to look. My wife was right I should have kept the autumn leaves chasing Adam off to work.

Jacob who became Israel

I love Jacob. Odysseus, you’re a second-rater. I also, in a lesser way, love Superman. Add some amateur exegesis up with an illustration inspired by the premier cover of Action Comics and you get a popular post.

Covering Books

Do you believe in rock and roll? I do. I also believe, in hindsight, I based a lengthy post on a very weak comparison of sequels to song covers. Oh well, I had fun writing it – and what’s the internet without public embarrassment, eh? Check out the cool video links at the end of the post.

The Iron-veiled Moses

Ian: What did you think?
Priest: Very interesting, Ian, but why is Moses a robot?

Bob Dylan and Dr. Seuss

Elliot says it best in the comments: “Dylan sounds a bit too much like Dylan for it to be genuine, if you know what I mean.”

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  1. Ohhh. Action Comics. That’s really the only famous first issue I know about, but I wasn’t sure I saw enough of a similarity…

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