Rare Books On The Internet

Songs of Innocence and of Experience

A California company named OCTAVO has been scanning the world’s greatest and rarest books for the last decade and offering them for sale on a beefed up CD with translations, annotations, hyperlinks and commentary. Sort of a digital preservationist society. Pretty noble stuff.You can view some of the raw scans, sans beef, at the Rare Book Room. That’s where the above image is from. It’s the title page of 1794 edition of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience – which you can read here.

3 thoughts on “Rare Books On The Internet

  1. Bought! Thanks so much for linking to this. I do wish this was being done to more of Blake’s books than just Songs, but there’s always the excellent Archive.

  2. Well I hadn’t bought it at the time of commenting, but I did after when I clicked on the “bundle” thingy and saw that they had “Urizen” too! Then I nagged the parents, so technically *I* didn’t buy it but…you know.I’m a Blake groupie. Some kids wanna get it with rock stars, I prefer somewhat portly, rebellious mystic poets.

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