Fiction Zeitgeist Update

I’ve been going to the bookstore. I haven’t given up on your list. That I can’t easily find these books in a used bookstore only further recommends them to me. I presume they’re just too good to give up. Instead I’ve been finding other new (to me) books to read – and not just Superman books. I actually bought some Dickens, a Christmas Carol. I’m one step closer to breaking the Dickens curse and actually reading something by him.

Here, with the latest addition in boldface, is the updated list:

  1. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson
  2. Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee
  3. Declare by Tim Powers
  4. Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
  5. Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier
  6. Except the Dying by Maureen Jennings
  7. Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges
  8. Dreamtigers by Jorge Luis Borges
  9. The Angel of Forgetfulness by Steve Stern
  10. Kingdoms of Fairies by Sylvia Townsend
  11. Atonement by Ian McEwan
  12. We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver
  13. The Road by Cormac McCarthy

You can read a review of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road at The Library Ladder where Heather adds it to my list just hours before Oprah adds it to hers.

If you’re new here you may wonder just why I’m doing this. Read this previous post for more information and rules on adding to the list. Or listen to this: I tend to read like an old man. Recommend a newer book to me and I’ll try and find it and read it.

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