Work with me here

I’m lucky enough to work for what I think is the best company in the world. Here’s a selection (with some local flavor) from my colleague/teammate/friend Chris Finke’s reasons for why you should be working at Automattic too.

Do any of these places sound like interesting locations for week-long team meetups? Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Iceland, Boston, Las Vegas, San Diego, Italy, Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Portugal, New Orleans, Chicago, Winnipeg, or Montevideo, Uruguay? Work with us. (And that’s just a selection of 2012 meetup locations.)

Don’t worry, no one will make you go to Winnipeg. (Maybe.) You should read the whole thing on Chris’ blog — it’s great. Oh, and work with us. 🙂

Blog of My Dreams

Now that I’m taking afternoon naps regularly I thought it’d be a neat idea to leave my journal out next to my iPhone (what I’m using for an alarm clock) to record any dreams I have while I’m napping. I’m somewhat curious about what’s going on in my unconscious mind and leaving a journal by your bedside is apparently a good method for improving dream recall. I’m also trying to make sure I’m getting some REM sleep cycles in during my naps so I know I’m getting some decent rest time. So, what am I dreaming about? After leaving out the journal for little over a week I’ve recalled fleeting impressions of a dream twice. Both times I was blogging. At work. Using the P2 theme. I really am thinking about WordPress themes all the time. 🙂