S’more? No, that’s S’enough.

I love S’mores. Graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate. Yes. The other day I found myself thinking of s’mores — I’d been eating a lot of chocolate and these things happen — and found myself making lame jokes about a more decadent dessert called, S’enoughs. The idea was that you can answer the question, “S’more?” with “No, that’s S’enough.” So, I had to make them.

Version 1 of S’enoughs (then called sm’enoughs) had me yelling out to my wife, “Help! I’m stuck to the food!” and was pretty inedible. Version 2? Version 2 is awesome.

I give you S’enoughs!


They’re super good.

How To Make S’enoughs

Basically, you make Rice Krispie squares but instead of Rice Krispies you use hand-crumbled graham crackers. On top, melted Hershey chocolate. Oh, and I put a drop or two of liquid smoke in with the marshmallows because … fire! It’s basically a chilled, super-dense S’more now.

You should try them!

Tag Soup

From my colleague Matías:

Your tag-cloud makes for some very interesting array of meals… “Blogging Blues Chicken” “Aging Arizona Beatboxing Beef” “New York Pasta Pearl Jam” and the “Christmas Colemak”.

I would so eat all of those.

Tongue Sandwich

I make it a point of trying to eat the weirdest item on any menu (or, at least, considering it) and having never eaten beef tongue before I had no choice but to eat the tongue sandwich. Also, it’s enormous. I think it was bigger than my head. Tongue, size-of-your-head. These are excellent qualities in sandwiches.



I’m disappointed that I didn’t clean the plate but … GOOD GRIEF! IT WAS THE SIZE OF MY HEAD!

Ahem. New York, I love you, but your sandwiches are freaking me out.

I’m Making Tuna Noodle Casserole

I’m heading to NYC this week so I’m getting some casseroles ready to make things easier for my wife while I’m gone. Tuna Noodle Casserole is one of them. I’m sure it’s been a standby for the past 60 years. I’m also pretty sure that the recipe I’m using is the best one there is. Try it out.

Cooking Up a Rainbow

I’ve watched this butter (sorta butter) commercial way too many times today. I’ve never even seen Lurpak before. I’m almost positive it’s disgusting. The song and video however are amazing.

The cabbage animation is awesome. Also, don’t cut yourself when you’re blue. Sound advice.

Via Colossal.

Yorkshire Pudding

I’ve made plenty of roasts but never got around to making yorkshire pudding before. Which is ridiculous because it’s one of my favorite things. Anyway, I made yorkshire pudding tonight and … it turned out.

As you can see, most of them look insane. But I’ve always considered that a desired quality in yorkshire pudding so I was pleased. They’re pretty easy to make if you follow the recipe I used.

Spinach Salad with Creamy Vinaigrette

The vinaigrette is a modified version of Mark Bittman’s from How To Cook Everything. Basically I just replaced red wine vinegar with white wine vinegar (just a preference) and reduced the amount of dijon (my wife isn’t a fan really). It turned out but I should have garnished it with some sliced hard-boiled eggs.

Cold Southwestern Corn and Shrimp Soup

This was pretty good. It would have been better if I hadn’t of eaten a cheap, from-the-freezer, leaves a metallic taste in your mouth, Chinese BBQ pork bun an hour earlier. The more avocado and tomato for garnish the better.

My New Favourite Kitchen Utensil

Is a cutting board. Really. In particular the 20″ x 15″ Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board (the large one, all one colour, in the picture below). I’ve been lusting after this thing for a while — made from pressed recycled materials, behaves like an impossibly super-light antimicrobial wood cutting board, doesn’t dull your knife, but it’s dishwasher safe and heat resistant — never expecting to get one because it’s around $75 (they also have a slightly thicker version — you’ll need a damp tea towel under this one to keep it in place — that’s even more expensive). That’s a lot of money for a cutting board. My wife was able, however, to buy it for $30 at a discount outlet store. Which is an altogether more reasonable price for a cutting board. Anyway, I love it. If you see one for a ridiculous deal like we did, snap it up.