S’more? No, that’s S’enough.

I love S’mores. Graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate. Yes. The other day I found myself thinking of s’mores — I’d been eating a lot of chocolate and these things happen — and found myself making lame jokes about a more decadent dessert called, S’enoughs. The idea was that you can answer the question, “S’more?” with “No, that’s S’enough.” So, I had to make them.

Version 1 of S’enoughs (then called sm’enoughs) had me yelling out to my wife, “Help! I’m stuck to the food!” and was pretty inedible. Version 2? Version 2 is awesome.

I give you S’enoughs!


They’re super good.

How To Make S’enoughs

Basically, you make Rice Krispie squares but instead of Rice Krispies you use hand-crumbled graham crackers. On top, melted Hershey chocolate. Oh, and I put a drop or two of liquid smoke in with the marshmallows because … fire! It’s basically a chilled, super-dense S’more now.

You should try them!


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