Legends of Andor


My 10-year old son and I spent the afternoon at one of Winnipeg’s newest board game cafes, Across the Board. First of all, I love it there. Great food, coffee, atmosphere — I would eat there even if they didn’t have a library of 700+ board games. We spent the afternoon playing Legends of Andor. It looks like it’s a Dungeons and Dragons role-playing thing but that’s just surface detail. Beautifully illustrated surface detail. Really it’s a cooperative puzzle game where you work together to solve a puzzle that plays out over 14 rounds. Sometimes you have to do things in the game — like fight monsters! I admit that’s an attractive part of the game 🙂 — that move you farther along the 14 round track and make it harder to figure out the puzzle. Tons of fun and pretty easy to learn. We totally want to go back to the game and play through the other “Legends”, or scenarios.

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  1. You have board game cafes where you live? That’s just awesome! I’ve never heard of such a place, but it’s about the coolest idea ever.

    1. Two just opened up recently here and this one was recommended to me. Apparently it’s a thing now. As are designer board games — like Dominion, or Ticket to Ride, or Pandemic — which make up the bulk of the games at places like this.

  2. What a nice escape from all the high tech malarkey! 🙂

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