Day Three of NaNoWriMo

I’ve managed to hit my word counts for three days straight now. And two of them are weekend days. I’m feeling like I can pull this thing off. And I’m spending only about an hour a night writing which is far less time than I was afraid I would be doing. Maybe it’ll get worse as I go along — I hope not — but I think my choice of genre is helping. I’ve never attempted to write 50,000 words before so I thought I’d pick a form that was easy to “fake”. That is, fictional memoir (of someone like a real-life superhero). Plot can be loose, dialogue can come and go, chronology is less important. More importantly, it seems easier to make stuff up. I’m sure it’ll be terrible and not much of a novel — right now it reads like Salinger meets Stan Lee fanfic — think Seymour: An Introduction written by Batman — but I’m getting the words out.

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