Theme Division Traditions: Knuckle Pushup Contests

Somehow this has become a thing. And it has to be done on stone. Check out this form! 😉

There’s a whole gallery on Konstantin’s blog where you can witness me schooling Michael Cain and getting demolished by Kirk Wight.

Do you love WordPress? Are you interested in doing knuckle pushups around the world? Join us! 😀


  1. Matt Wiebe says:

    This recruiting pitch would not have worked on me.

  2. Nick Momrik says:

    What’s the contest? Max reps? I’m going to start practicing on gravel. 😉

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      Max reps. Can I just declare you the winner now? 🙂

      1. Nick Momrik says:

        No, but you can bet I’ll be up for the challenge. 🙂

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