Colemak Check-in

I just tested my typing speed for the first time in … months. I hit 72wpm with 0 errors on one test. But that’s using the Colemak layout. So glad I switched. It makes typing a pleasurable experience, not a chore for my hands.

4 responses to “Colemak Check-in”

  1. Zero errors, that’s amazing! I can do around a hundred with Dvorak, switched in January and never looked back. However my accuracy is not as good 🙂

  2. 100wpm is pretty impressive! I switched in February so I’m a month behind you but I’m looking forward to slowly getting faster. I was around 80wpm with Qwerty when I switched.

  3. That’s awesome to hear for both Ian and Konstantin.

  4. Nice! Your prowess is shaming me into drilling again. I still haven’t cracked 70.

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