I’d rather be having a beer!

Not really the classiest mug in the NYC apartment I’m staying in but definitely my favorite. Besides the motto it’s hard to beat “bandaid” for drinking vessel color.

6 responses to “I’d rather be having a beer!”

  1. You’re doing it wrong – you should have Beer in the mug 😉

  2. To make things even lamer (relatively), it’s Caf Lib and not even coffee.

    1. Are there mugs that say “I’d rather be having a White Russian”? And if yes, why didn’t you get that mug instead?

    2. I think I see a way in to the novelty mug market opening up for you here.

  3. Brian Thompson Avatar
    Brian Thompson

    Ian my name is Brian. I am a firefighter outside of Chicago. I broke my engineers coffee mug exactly like the one in this feed. He has had the mug over 20 years and I feel terrible about it.Any chance you still have it and would be willing to part with it?

    1. Aw, man. Sorry, no. This is just something I drank from when we rented an apartment in NYC for a work retreat. Hopefully it’ll turn up on Ebay!

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