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Today is my 20th day of posting every day to my blog for 2012. Not the most auspicious day to post to make a big deal out of it but what the heck, thoughts occur to you and you share them, people take what they can get. It’s been an interesting experiment. Have the posts been any good? Probably not. But I’m trying to develop a habit and that’s what’s more important. Waiting until I’m in the perfect place to post perfect posts every day and have a perfect blog — my natural inclination — is a stupid idea and, obviously, isn’t going to happen. Or maybe not obviously. This is the natural inclination of every procrastinating person that worries about perfectionism.

Anyway, posting every day. Hopefully I can keep it up and eventually, once the habit is formed and my writing muscles have been loosened up, have the freedom and opportunity to share more well-formed opinions and thoughts in the groove I’ve laid down day after day. And, of course, more pictures of my son’s artwork.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Keep it up! I have been thinking about rearranging my digital life lately, but it’s quite surprising how much time it can all take.

    As we get older we accumulate more *things*, online and IRL. Those things pile up and need attention from time to time, some more than others, some louder than others.

    I guess my blog just hasn’t been louder than everything else.

  2. Do other formats of posting count too?

    1. Yep. A post is a post. That said, my goal is to “write” publicly every day. Working on it.

  3. Go you! I’m just trying to post more often. Anything, anywhere… well, actual blog posts and not just tweets and forum posts. 😛

    And really, how can more of your son;s pics be a *bad* thing? By the time he has his own blog, he’ll have a firm fan base….

  4. I like this!

    P.S. I do also admit to totally being a fan of the artwork… especially sock creatures.

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