I can’t believe this movie is being made. Whether or not it ends up being good it’s pretty impressive for comic geeks like me to see something like this. Here’s a poster made for this weekend’s San Diego Comic Convention showing concept art of the Avengers in action.

It better be good. 🙂

5 responses to “The Avengers”

  1. IIRC, it’s why Ed Norton bought into The Hulk. It’s great to see the end of movie teasers are finally coming to fruition, too.

    1. Which is weird because he turned down the Avengers. Mark Ruffalo is playing Banner/Hulk.

      1. Here’s hoping they do a better job with this Hulk…

      2. I believe he was “removed” as The Hulk.

  2. It’ll be awesome, I’m calling it due to Josh Whedon’s involvement with the Avengers movie.

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