The Avengers

I can’t believe this movie is being made. Whether or not it ends up being good it’s pretty impressive for comic geeks like me to see something like this. Here’s a poster made for this weekend’s San Diego Comic Convention showing concept art of the Avengers in action.

It better be good. 🙂


  1. Cais says:

    IIRC, it’s why Ed Norton bought into The Hulk. It’s great to see the end of movie teasers are finally coming to fruition, too.

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      Which is weird because he turned down the Avengers. Mark Ruffalo is playing Banner/Hulk.

      1. CircleReader says:

        Here’s hoping they do a better job with this Hulk…

      2. Mo Jangda says:

        I believe he was “removed” as The Hulk.

  2. It’ll be awesome, I’m calling it due to Josh Whedon’s involvement with the Avengers movie.

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