It’s Too Hot and Humid to Work at Home

… so I’m at the library. There is some serious Facebook checkin’ happening here right now. Yesterday I saw a man studying a Quiznos advertisment that had arrived in his Hotmail inbox. Studying it. I hope to be somewhat more productive. Here’s my temporary office at the Millennium Library.

6 responses to “It’s Too Hot and Humid to Work at Home”

  1. That is often my downtown office when I have work to do between meetings! Free wifi, great light and no coffee tax.

  2. External keyboard too, you definitely went with the intention of staying the whole day then 🙂

    1. Hah. I’m pretty useless unless I have the full-size keyboard. 🙂

  3. I love working at the library. I tend to people watch more in cafes. Your people watching observations are interesting.

  4. Chelsea Otakan Avatar
    Chelsea Otakan

    Your library is cool looking :o. I tried working in the library, but it starts feeling like school all over again…

  5. I suggest central air.

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