The Yeti diorama my son is working on for his 7th birthday party this month. Yes, he’s having a Yeti-themed party.

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  1. Jeffry G says:

    That is the coolest yeti diorama ever.. he’s a lucky boy to have such talented folks 🙂

  2. Marg Stewart says:

    Good job. What an imagination!!
    Can Grandma and Grandpa come to your party?

  3. Sheri says:

    A Yeti-themed party… that sounds fantastically creative.

    • Ian Stewart says:

      We’ve had, in order …

      1. A Superman-themed party for his 2nd birthday with a 3′ Superman symbol that had a 2 instead of an S
      2. A (not-Disney) Jungle-book party with life-size animal cutouts all over the house and a Mowgli cake
      3. A prehistoric ice-age mammals party with a Megatherium cake (my son loves the Megatherium)
      4. A Robin-hood party, with Robin Hood hats — feather and all — for everyone. We gave dollar-store bows and arrows and foam swords to ALL the kids in the neighborhood. There was an EPIC battle outside afterward. I also made life-size cutouts of Robin, Little John, and King Richard that lived around the house for months afterward.
      5. A Monster party with crazy monster cutouts that my son made. The kids made Monster masks at the party and generally freaked me out.

      This year it was almost a Mount Everest party but Yeti’s ended up seeming like more fun.

  4. Alain says:

    LOL! Another themed party! This is your 7th yet still no invite?

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