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  1. That is the coolest yeti diorama ever.. he’s a lucky boy to have such talented folks 🙂

  2. Good job. What an imagination!!
    Can Grandma and Grandpa come to your party?

  3. A Yeti-themed party… that sounds fantastically creative.

    1. We’ve had, in order …

      1. A Superman-themed party for his 2nd birthday with a 3′ Superman symbol that had a 2 instead of an S
      2. A (not-Disney) Jungle-book party with life-size animal cutouts all over the house and a Mowgli cake
      3. A prehistoric ice-age mammals party with a Megatherium cake (my son loves the Megatherium)
      4. A Robin-hood party, with Robin Hood hats — feather and all — for everyone. We gave dollar-store bows and arrows and foam swords to ALL the kids in the neighborhood. There was an EPIC battle outside afterward. I also made life-size cutouts of Robin, Little John, and King Richard that lived around the house for months afterward.
      5. A Monster party with crazy monster cutouts that my son made. The kids made Monster masks at the party and generally freaked me out.

      This year it was almost a Mount Everest party but Yeti’s ended up seeming like more fun.

      1. You should post the Robinhood story he wrote!

  4. LOL! Another themed party! This is your 7th yet still no invite?

    1. 7 parties and you still haven’t gotten the hint.

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