We’ve got a big splotch of primer on our kitchen wall that we’re not ready to paint over right now so we’re using it to frame my sons Minotaur collage for the time being.

Kangaroo Boxing

My son: Dad, look at this guy. He’s boxing a kangaroo.
Me: Well, that’s something to grow up to be.
My son: No. He’s going to DIE.

Origami Lobster


Courtesy of my seven-year old son who came up with the pattern himself (it’s three pieces of paper — no tape, of course) without instructions.

Trying To Get My Son To Fall Asleep

Me: What some people do is imagine a pleasant meadow with some sheep jumping over a fence. You count them as they jump over.
My son: Doesn’t work. Tried it.
Me: Well, how many sheep did you count?
My son: One.
Me: One!?
My Son: Only one showed up!

Later, “Daddy, instead of sheep I’m counting horses doing different activities. I also counted a vampire.”