Ninja Diorama

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  1. Very cool! Nice leading lines down the street, across the stars and down the sword. Keeps your eyes in motion.
    Check out the falling star on the left. Your son is a natural.

  2. Wow! Very artistic. Arts done by kids are always beautiful!

    1. When my daughter was young I would save pieces of her art and line our dresser drawers . I love to run across them as the seasons change (or when I wasn’t caught up on laundry). Now my daughter is in NYC working as an art director on major accounts at this years top ad agency. Looking back I wish I had dated the pieces. Neat thing about posting your sons art is you how have a record of when it was created.

    2. I’ve started taking pictures of his creations. Usually with him holding them proudly. 🙂 The pictures help too because they’re increasingly 3-dimensional.

  3. thats pretty good for a six year old !!

  4. Reminds me of a cyberpunk novel

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