Poll: Should I Keep My Horrible Mustache?

It’s been 10 days. What do you think? Should I keep my horrible 10-day old mustache?



Update: I went 30 days. Here’s the before and after shot.

3 responses to “Poll: Should I Keep My Horrible Mustache?”

  1. 10 days isn’t enough to judge. Gotta grow it into a proper manly stache before you can truly judge. 😉

  2. I agree with Alex in that it needs more time. I think every man should grow a mustache at least once in his life, but, looking back as a man that wore one for a few years, I realize now that it only made me look much older, as they do for most men that wear them, and it was an experiment that I should have ended much sooner. So, I would recommend letting it grow out, but shave it all off every few months to see if you really still want one.

  3. You should have done this for Movember! (Best described by Lord Likely; http://www.lordlikely.com/archives/random-insertions/saving-the-world-with-my-mighty-moustache)

    Also, you said something really funny some time ago and it is now imortalised in my blog: http://www.trulyace.com/blog/general-musings-on-life/london-olympics-logo-best-comments/

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