The Best of June

I like June. It’s a good month for me. I got married in June (six years ago — congratulations, me!) and everyone can feel the psychic vibrations bouncing off kids getting ready for the end of school. It positively cheers one up, it does. And June was a good month here at Upper Fort Stewart judging by all the clicks and awesome comments. Thanks, everybody.

I Read Books Upside Down

Wherein I advise children to vandalize books and ignore authority. I’m available for parental consultation too if anyone needs it. Read I Read Books Upside Down »

Why I Blog About Books

I’m kind of proud about this post. I wasn’t trying to be funny and I just dashed it off in the morning while still half asleep. Consequently it’s all mostly 6:00 a.m. honest. I really appreciate everyone’s great comments on this one. Read Why I Blog About Books »

O’Reilly Media Made My Son Cry

I’m still waiting for that apology, Tim O’Reilly. At this point, I think we’re going to have to step things up and introduce Forgiveness 2.0 if we want to make amends. Read O’Reilly Media Made My Son Cry »

If I Were In High School

If I were in High School I’d probably have a blog. I imagine all the kids have blogs today. And cell phones. They’re probably mo-bloggers. Anyway, here’s a juvenile response to Moby Dick that all started when I laughed out loud while reading the chapter-title The Town-Ho’s Story. Read If I Were In High School »

Embarrassing Reader Dilemmas

The beginning of my little, semi-regular feature (well, there’s one in the series so far). Maybe I could be, like, the Strong-Bad of lit-blogs. How does he type with boxing gloves on anyway? Read Embarrassing Reader Dilemmas »

Thanks Again, Everyone

There’s more somewhat amusing posts coming up, for good or ill, but if you liked these ones you might want to add my blog to your Technorati favorites, join my MyBlogLog community, or bookmark this page on Don’t tell Tim O’Reilly I’m involved in all this Web 2.0 stuff. He’ll just get smug and never apologize.

As always thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing and thanks for commenting. I’m continually impressed by how great you’ve all been. Thanks for the support.

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