Are You Listening, Internet?

Hi Internet, it’s me, Ian. Could you make a cool website where millions of people enter in their favorite books from their childhood, average that list and produce some kind of definitive results? It might be nice if we could all tag the books so the list could be modified by what we want out of it that day. But I only want it to be for kid’s books. That way the tragic nostalgia of adulthood could be put to some good use. Thanks.


8 thoughts on “Are You Listening, Internet?

  1. I’ve been reading When We Were Very Young and I can’t decide if I love it so much because of nostalgia or because the poems are really that. good.

  2. I missed out on Milne when I was very young and so far my son hasn’t taken to him. Maybe I’ll try When We Were Very Young out on him and see what he says.

    I have to warn you, though, he has opinions.

  3. Hi Ian, are you talking to yourself again? Don’t you know? YOU are the Internet. And YOU have the cool site. Just start a meme! And then list the results on your site.

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