How To Swear Like Shakespeare

Shakespeare, it’s well known, had a thing for words. If you don’t, and you’re feeling a little frustrated by him, you might not even know how to express yourself properly. That’s just way too tragically ironic. Here’s a few choice phrases you might want to lob at the bard on resurrection day to help yourself get over it.

  • Thou Mammering Folly-Fallen Pumpion
  • Thou Saucy Flap-Mouthed Dewberry
  • Thou Lumpish Toad-Spotted Gudgeon

That ought to show him. There’s more at the Shakespeare Insult Kit. Don’t be unprepared.

3 responses to “How To Swear Like Shakespeare”

  1. I’ve always been rather partial to “foul bunch-backed toad” from Richard III.

  2. I’ve been drawing foul bunch-backed toads in my notebook all weekend, Patricia. But they all turn out looking more like drunken hump-backed frogs.

    Welcome to Upper Fort Stewart, Patricia!

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