Improve Your Reading Comprehension

The Everest College Blog presents a five step process for improving your reading comprehension. Something we all could use. It’s called the SQR3 method. SQR3 standing for: Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review.

Survey Your Text

Prior to reading, take a few moments to scan through your text. Get an overall feeling for how much you’re going to read, and how the text is sectioned off.

Question Everything

After surveying your text, ask yourself some questions prior to reading. What questions do you have about the subject matter you’re about to read? What does the title of the text suggest? What does the author want to tell you about this subject? What’s the most important information on each page?


As you read, try to find answers to the questions you have. Think through what the author is saying, and try to develop more questions as you read.

Recite the Text

After reading a chunk of text, take a break and try to recite what you’ve just read. Try to summarize your reading as best you can. If you have trouble, look back at your reading to see what you’ve missed.


After you’re finished reading, review what you just read. Ask yourself the same questions you had in the beginning of the reading, and see if you remember the answers.

Follow this link for the full post: How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension. And while you’re there check out Online Research Hacks – 7 Websites You Should Know About. That ought to keep you all out of the library.

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