Colemak Keyboard Layout Craft Project


You can do it too! All you need is some printer paper, cardstock, glue, and a willingness to drive yourself mad for a month or two. Try it, it’s fun!

In other words, yep, I’m learning how to type with the Colemak keyboard layout.

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Ian Stewart

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5 thoughts on “Colemak Keyboard Layout Craft Project”

  1. I have to type on an onscreen keyboard and I finally switched to a keyboard layout designed for single-digit entry, called Chubon. I too hadn’t heard of Colemak. Good luck making the switch. I found that playing various typing games helped my reflexes initially.

  2. The more I look at this keyboard layout the more I want to refer to it by a QWERTY-like name — only, using the home row — and call it ARST. As, in I’m going to learn that ARST keyboard layout. That said, I still intend to give it a serious go. :)

  3. Nice! I’m on the Colemak bus, too! Started on Friday by putting stickers on the 18 keys that are different from qwerty and printing out a layout. I was on my second attempt to learn Dvorak last week, but couldn’t stand the world of pain that opened up, especially in stuff like vi.

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