Tongue Sandwich

I make it a point of trying to eat the weirdest item on any menu (or, at least, considering it) and having never eaten beef tongue before I had no choice but to eat the tongue sandwich. Also, it’s enormous. I think it was bigger than my head. Tongue, size-of-your-head. These are excellent qualities in sandwiches.



I’m disappointed that I didn’t clean the plate but … GOOD GRIEF! IT WAS THE SIZE OF MY HEAD!

Ahem. New York, I love you, but your sandwiches are freaking me out.

I’m in New York!

New York is one of those “life list” destinations for me and, thanks to the Automattic Theme Team meetup, here I am. If you have any “if you’re only going to do one thing in New York in January do this one thing” things let me know. We’ve got some time set aside on Saturday for doing some of those things.