Orange Belt in Karate

I got my Orange Belt, or seventh kyu, certificate in Shotokan Karate tonight. My 15 or 20 minute test that resulted in four days of stiff, sore muscles and blistered feet feels like a pretty good effort now. Apparently the testing instructor felt like I put on a good show. My sensei said it was a test to be proud of.

Now on to Green Belt!

I Have a Yellow Belt in Shotokan Karate

I just got my certificate for 8th Kyu — or yellow belt — in Karate. It’s the first belt you can earn as an adult and while it’s a beginning step I’m feeling pretty good about it. I worked pretty darn hard to earn it.

Here’s the kata I had to perform as part of my test. This first time I watched this video I was almost sure I could never memorize the movements, let alone do them with enough conviction. But then I did. That’s what happens when you practice!