Lives of Jim: a Print and Play Board Game


The past few days I’ve been working on a print and play board game in the evenings called Lives of Jim. It’s part of a 10-day paper game jam I’m taking part in. You can find Lives of Jim on if you want to print it out and play it. And the home for the game jam is on too. (That’s why I’m using — never heard of it before, love the URL.)

As if designing your own board game for a paper game jam isn’t nerdy enough each one of the character cards from the game is sort of a nod to different time travel tropes or stories. (One of the suggested themes for the paper game jam, the one I’ve adopted for the game, is time travel.)


There’s a future conqueror like Marvel’s Kang or Chronoliths, something like a terminator, Looper, a heartbroken time traveler like Slaughterhouse Five or maybe the time traveler’s wife, and the idea of morlocks or the caveman from Altered States.

I’m reaching a bit with calling Altered States a time travel movie. I kind of just like pointing people at that movie whenever I can though.

Let me know if you try out Lives of Jim!

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  1. Very nice to see a fellow paperjam participant featured on The designers and developers daily magazine! I noticed your game while submitting mine and if I had a bunch of poker chips I’d certainly give it a whirl!

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