A Whole Food, Plant-based Diet

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the dietary changes I’ve been making recently when the other night I came across this great post by Leo Babauta laying out his guide to eating a plant-based diet. It’s not uncommon for people to point to his posts and say, “that’s my ideal” but … that’s my ideal.

I’d describe myself as a not-at-all strict Vegan right now. What does that mean? I’ll eat animal products when they’re served to me and for very special occasions I’ll serve them to myself. The rest of the time I’m trying to dramatically limit my consumption of them for moral and environmental reasons. Which means Veganism. Every weekend I’m preparing a week’s worth of meals for our family with the first two Happy Herbivore books as my guide. It’s pretty simple. And I’m enjoying it. I’ve never felt better and I’m learning a whole heck of a lot about nutrition and health in the process. (Vitamin B12 — who knew it was so important?).

Anyway, check out Leo’s post if you’re interested. And the Happy Herbivore blog and books. They’re a great resource.

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