A mini-review of John Carter

First of all, it should have been called A Princess of Mars (the title of the book it’s based on). It’s a romantic adventure movie, that’s a perfect title. But is it good? Yeah, it’s pretty good leaning to just OK. It’s really too bad it flopped so ridiculously hard. It could have started a really cool trilogy of movies. I think the big problem is the flabby screenplay. Considering the people involved — Andrew Stanton and Michael Chabon — this is really surprising. It’s flabbiness was made even more apparent by me finally watching the super-lean and packed-tight Adventures of Tintin later that night. If only Edgar Wright could work on every screenplay.

One thought on “A mini-review of John Carter

  1. When I saw ads for it, I have to admit that the film’s title was entirely uninspiring and just evoked memories of the doctor from ER. The trailer makes it look kind of cool though (this is the first I’ve seen of it).

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