My Couch Isn’t a Mobile Device

It’s an interesting experience reading an article on my phone pointing out that the idea of responsive design is flawed because it doesn’t show mobile-specific content to people on their phones and then, 20 minutes later, trying to read a movie review, still on my phone, and not getting the review but instead getting directions to theatres in Chicago. But I’m on my couch. In Winnipeg. And I’m not going anywhere. I just want to know if The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo turned out to be good. Nice one, “mobile” site.

One response to “My Couch Isn’t a Mobile Device”

  1. There used to be “the computer”, standing at home on your desk, so heavy you wouldn’t move it, and “the phone” in your pocket, proposing such a limited browsing experience you would never use it to visit a site unless you had to.

    Everything has changed, boundaries are blurred, we use our smartphones at home and our laptops in the streets.

    We just need to make the difference between responsive design, reacting to screen size and shape and responsive content, reacting to context and geolocation. We can’t link the two anymore.

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