Moving on From Star Wars

Joen Asmussen points out the flaw in the geek-logic that drives genre fans to do ridiculous things like spend 400 hours restoring the original theatrical release of Star Wars:

That would be me if not for the fact that I discovered other sci-fi television. Turns out, if you have 400 hours to spare, instead of restoring the original version of Star Wars to HD, you could watch every episode of Star Trek ever made! Think about that for a moment.

Next time you get an irresistable urge to spend 400 hours on restoring Star Wars to the way it was meant to be, consider if maybe that time was better spent watching Star Trek or Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (season 1). You could also watch Space 1999. Or UFO. Or even the original Battlestar Galactica ā€” heck, any Glen A. Larson show. You could even watch Patrick Duffy as The Man From Atlantis! Patrick Duffy!

The whole post is great. Check out Nitpicky Star Wars Nerds.

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