My Trip Out to the Flooding Cabin Site

The spot where my wife’s family has their small cabin on Lake Manitoba, two and a half hours north of Winnipeg is, like every spot on Lake Manitoba, flooding. The road had been washed out and we had just heard that it was now possible to get out there again in a car. Yesterday my sister-in-law and I drove out there to see what was up and whether or not we could start sandbagging.

If you watched the video and heard me say “It’s five feet higher than normal” that’s the road I’m talking about. The road is five feet higher than normal, piled up with crushed rock. Nuts, right? 3000 sandbags are being delivered to our site this week. This Canada day I’ll be sandbagging.

5 responses to “My Trip Out to the Flooding Cabin Site”

  1. Wow… The fish seem happy… Wish I could help out, but I’m a tad far…

  2. Yikes! Hope the sandbags hold. Maybe after the wall is built, you can settle down with Alexander and the Magic Mouse, an appropriate (& gorgeous) story. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Ian,

    How did the sandbagging go?

    1. The dike went up, and I went down. πŸ™‚

  4. So much water this year! I hope your family’s cabin is alright. Ours (on Lake Champlain) was badly damaged and is now bulldozed.

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