Holding Off on Week 3 for the Couch to 5K

I skipped my week 3, day 1, run for Couch to 5K today. My knee — which had been bugging me all weekend — wouldn’t let me do it. Which is a pain. And not just in the knees. It’s likely that my legs, conditioned to do just about nothing, can’t handle the little bit of running I’m doing. I’m going to head back to the week 1 and week 2 plans this Wednesday and Friday and see how that goes. Take that, legs!

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  1. Just something to look into… barefoot running. We’re the weirdos who run barefoot or in Vibrams (those goofy toe shoes). Honestly… it’s not for everyone, but you should at least look into it. Good book to read is Born to Run. Good job on the C25K though… I almost finished the program a few months ago… can’t wait til it cools off a bit (hate running in Arizona) so I can start again.

  2. Go out and hit the weights. Get you some good quality squats and lunges in. It’ll definitely help with joint pain and will help you run better.

    I’ve been thinking of doing the Couch-to-5k plan myself or a modified version of it. Lately, I’ve been focusing on biking. But, I’m looking forward to getting back into running now that I’ve dropped 40+ lbs. and have built up some leg muscle from weight workouts.

  3. That’s exactly where I got stuck when I tried it. I recommend doing what Justin said. Build up some strength and do lots of stretches. Good call on working backwards and repeating week 1 and 2, I did the same and it made a world of difference!

    Cheers to staying motivated even if you don’t stay on pace. It’s a lot harder than the reviews would lead you to believe but it feels so good as you progress 🙂

  4. It helps to stretch your hamstrings – a great stretch is the yoga pose “downward facing dog.” Hope your legs feel better soon!

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  6. Have u considered working out your legs? Perhaps doing some squats, lunges, etc. can help strengthen your legs and take the burden off your knees.

    1. I’ve taken up Karate in the meantime and that’s definitely helping with the leg strength. I’m actually just finally ready now to take up and start with week three. This Monday I did a week 1 run, Wednesday a week two run, and Friday another week two run. I’m looking forward to week three. I’m also taking care to run with better form — no heel strikes, landing midfoot — running on more level ground, and doing ITB stretches before and after my run. Hopefully that’ll help. It seems to have so far.

      1. Wing Tsun is good for the leg strength. Incidentally thanks for Toolbox – having loads of fun doing a client site with it right now. Cheers, from Brighton.

  7. Couch to 5K rules. Am on week 2. Legs hurting all the time. Still liking it though. Is that right? Am I wrong?

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