From Bloody Scene to E.R., Life-Saving Choices in Tucson

This article on the work emergency personnel did last Saturday for the victims of the shootings in Tucson is just amazing. You’ll probably get a little teary reading it if you don’t just outright start crying.

“I’m told Suzi Hileman is here,” he said to the woman at the front desk. But the hospital had not identified all the victims. Nobody could tell him anything about his wife.

Shots fired, several dead, the news said. This was not a car accident.

He knew that Safeway. He was certain it was where his wife had taken Christina to see Ms. Giffords — the event had been on her calendar for weeks.

“I’m frantic at this point,” Mr. Hileman said. “I am just jumping up and down, and I can’t get an answer.”

A woman who seemed to be in authority grabbed his wrist. She assured him she would find out what was happening. He still did not know if his wife was alive.

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