Delicious is Shutting Down

I’m a little upset to hear that Delicious is shutting down. It’s a service that I have some fond memories of. I now spell delicious in my head as “Del dot itchy oh dot you ess” thanks to their pre-yahoo domain hack. It’s also where I first realized I was doing something neat with WordPress when Scott Wallick bookmarked my blog there.

So long, Delicious.

5 responses to “Delicious is Shutting Down”

  1. I’m quite disappointed in this as well. Yahoo buys a perfectly good company for millions of dollars, then spends more of their time and money to add pointless features, then proceeds to shut down the service completely. Brilliant, Yahoo—just brilliant. It’s a wonder these morons were running the most popular site in the States at one point.

    On a related note: I like the new color scheme, Ian. Looks swell!

  2. The only remaining Yahoo service I use. I find it absolutely invaluable.

    Thanks a lot Yahoo – fools. Better go find the Export button.

  3. The plan to ‘sunset’ Delicious is not good

    It’s an invaluable service – it’s not just backing up bookmarks but the social aspect that many rely on for research.

    Hopefully Yahoo will sell it to someone who will ensure its future.

  4. Yikes! Guess “too big to fail” really isn’t. You’d think we’d have learned that by now. Oh, well — off to export to Diigo…

  5. just when I started using Delicious extensively they shut damn !
    @andrew you can export it to diigo ?

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