Winnipeg WordPress Meetup

I’d like to have an informal get together with my fellow Winnipeg WordPress nerds and nerds-to-be sometime in the beginning of November. Mainly a social evening where we can get together over some good food and talk about Themes, Plugins, tips, and tricks—you name it, as long as it has to do with WordPress. We can also talk about doing something more regular in the future. Total beginners and hardcore power users are both welcome.

What do you say, Winnipeg? Are you in? Leave a comment here and let me know.


  1. Matt Wiebe says:

    I’ve been on the verge of talking to you about this for months. Totally in.

    1. Ian Stewart says:


  2. I’m in. Mostly because I’m not sure you really exist. Don might have made you up, and Matt is probably just corroborating.

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      Cogito ergo non figmentum pensatus?

  3. Don Betts says:

    Sounds good. I want to see the look on Pensato’s face when he finds out snufalufagus is real.

  4. Lee Froese says:

    I think this is a great idea. It’s time stuff like this happens in Winnipeg too.

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      Excellent. Once things start happening I’ll make sure you’re on the contact list. Thanks, Lee.

  5. Brad Kendall says:

    I would love to attend. I could probably wrangle a few more WordPress users to come too. Keep me updated.

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      Excellent. Thanks! The more WordPress users the merrier. I’ll keep you updated.

  6. Philip says:

    I would like to go but will need a ride. Ian, is there any chance you can pick me up on your way. I’ll email you my parent’s address if you can. Also if it’s in the morning, my mom can make us breakfast before we leave. Can’t wait!!!!

    Thanks, Phil “P to the F” Fry

    1. Philip says:

      Also forgot, I like your Gandalf the Grey costume. Though I did picture you taller than that.

      See you soon, P to the F

    2. Ian Stewart says:

      I think we can arrange something.

  7. Kris J says:

    I’m up for a little WP get-together! Any word on when? Hope I didn’t miss it….

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      There’s another one coming up the first Friday in January. I’ll post with updates.

  8. Hi Ian!

    I hope the meetup went well. I see on your Twitter timeline that you had met on Nov. 8th.

    I’m a big fan of WordPress, and I just started a LinkedIn group called WordPress Winnipeg. Please join and notify the members of future meetups.

    Talk to you soon!

    1. Ian Stewart says:

      Hi, Dan. There’s another meetup coming up on the first Friday in January. One I ought to be promoting now that I mention it! Stay tuned for updates.

      1. Join the WordPress Winnipeg Group, there are already 7 members 🙂 Otherwise I will notify the members of the upcoming meetup.

        Thanks Ian!

  9. Hi again Ian,

    I’d like to do a WordPress-related presentation or two at this year’s Winnipeg Code Camp, and was wondering if you and/or anyone else would also like to do one.

    I’ve emailed one of the organizers asking him whether it is still possible to join the event, so pending a positive response from him, we could plan the presentation topics and outlines at the next Winnipeg WordPress meetup.

    The Winnipeg Code Camp is historically a .NET-centric event that I’ve attended each year so far, but I remember D’Arcy talking last year about how he is happy that the Ruby community joined the event last year, and how the event is not intended as a .NET only event.

    P.S. My long comment reminds me of the Comment Auto-Grow plugin I recently discovered:

    1. I’ve got a reply from D’Arcy, and there is only one spot for a presentation left, so I reserved it. I will do the presentation unless someone else would really like to do it. I don’t mind if someone already has a really good presentation, especially since I don’t even have a presentation yet. Otherwise I am looking forward to the opportunity to present the CMS/WordPress way to a room full of MVC-oriented software developers 🙂

      I will bring this up at our monthly WordPress meeting, and try to get some ideas for how to go about the presentation.

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