Happy WordPress Day

Today is the the 7th anniversary of the release of WordPress and today I’d like to say how thankful I am for it’s existence. I am.

WordPress is being used around the world, every day, to enrich our lives. It’s a tool that makes anyone a publisher. Think of the revolution that followed the printing press. Now imagine the printing press as a portable device anyone could carry with them—for free—sending pamphlets, essays, literature, and poetry, out around the world instantly.

Imagine that. It’s amazing.

So, thank you, WordPress. And by that I mean thank you to everyone working on WordPress; everyone contributing plugins and themes; everyone writing about WordPress; and everyone using WordPress. Thank you for keeping this ball rolling.

Here’s to many more: cheers.

6 thoughts on “Happy WordPress Day

  1. Using WP gives me lots of pleasure every day. The whole internet is a much better place thanks to it. Congrats to all people behind it, keep up the great work!

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