Wondering Where The Lions Are

I had to spend a few extra minutes in the grocery store parking lot when this came on the radio. Wait. That makes me sound really old. I was actually somewhere really cool. A loft apartment. Yes. And, uh, it was an expensive custom-made Japanese stereo. Not the radio in my reliable and safe car.

Anyway, this a great song. Listen to it. Again, if you’ve heard it before.

4 responses to “Wondering Where The Lions Are”

  1. Classic! (That’s a good thing…)

    I’m always fascinated with the connections between this song & Charles Williams’ book, The Place of the Lion

    1. I’m pretty sure some of Charles Williams books are connected to everything past, present, and future.

  2. Great Song! Perfect for Spring weather. Fun Blog, look forward to more. ;+)

    1. I don’t why I like this song so much? Maybe, because it how I feel lately. Keep rocking out the great themes!

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