I'm Tired of Being Embarrassed for Not Updating

Hello, again. I suppose I need a place to be ridiculous online after all. More, eventually.

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  1. Ian,

    Don’t be embarrassed. Just write. Like, how was the last book you read? Have you especially enjoyed any seasonal foods or festivals recently? Are you planning on changing careers, redecorating the bathroom, or having a star named for a loved one? (Just $54.95, published in the US Copyright Office! It must be true, I heard it on the radio.)

    Or perhaps you have been busy writing your memoirs – could you share a chapter or three? Perhaps you have had a recent spate of intense weather – over 70 or under 10, snow, or ice, or some other chance to work with the neighbors to restore normalcy.

    Looking forward to screeds of turgid verbiage! (I do like that phrase!)

    • I’ve made it temporarily crap-ulous (deleting my formerly somewhat cool design for a no-stylesheet design) in the hopes that I can divorce my thoughts about the wrapper while I work on making the chocolate bar. Or something like that.

      Hmm. I probably shouldn’t use the words crap and chocolate bar in the same sentence.

  2. Oh! The last book I read was Dreams From My Father. Did Obama quit smoking finally? I can’t imagine it was easy. His memoir is punctuated with cigarettes. Lighting them up, stamping them out. That’s the sort of smoking habit that you have trouble getting rid of.

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